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Everybody Loved Watching Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen Get Drunk for New Year’s

Cooper and Cohen did shots on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show, much to the delight of pretty much everyone watching at home

With most folks staying home for New Year’s Eve this year because of the ongoing pandemic, so many more eyes than usual were on the NYE TV specials. And CNN capitalized on the moment, dominating the social media discourse by having Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen get drunk on air.

There weren’t any crowds in Times Square this year, but otherwise these New Year’s Eve specials proceeded as usual. It created a strange mood for the evening, and Cooper and Cohen very effectively tapped into the vibe of the country by throwing back tequila shots on TV, while everyone at home did the same.

Cooper and Cohen started the party at 8 p.m. ET, with their first shots of the night. And, well, it seemed like Anderson probably could have used a chaser.


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