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Flexibility Tests

Here is a collection of fitness tests which measure flexibility. Which one to use? The list is separated into direct and indirect measures of flexibility. See the discussion and other information about flexibility assessment.

Indirect Methods

Indirect flexibility tests usually involve the linear measurement of distances between segments or from an external object.

Trunk and Lower Body

back scratch flexibility test

Upper Body

Shoulder Rotation & Flexion:

  • Shoulder Flex Test — lift a stick over the head to behind the back, maintaining the hand grip on the object.
  • Shoulder Circumduction — a sliding handle is held in the hands and passed over the head
  • Shoulder Rotation: Acuflex III — lift a bar from behind the back, with the hands as close together as possible. The result is adjusted for biacrominal width.
  • Shoulder Raise — face down with hands above the head and together, raise them as high as possible.

Shoulder Reach:

Direct Methods

Direct flexibility methods measure angular displacements between adjacent segments or from an external reference. See also about flexibility tests using a Goniometer and a Flexometer.

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