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Aerobic Fitness Tests

The aerobic capacity is the ability of the heart and lungs to provide the body with oxygen for exercise. This is important in many sport in order for the cardiovascular system to continuously provide the muscle with adequate levels of oxygen.

The maximal aerobic tests, in which the participants are required to push their body to the limit, usually provide more accurate measures of aerobic capacity. The submaximal tests usually involve heart rate measurements which are then extrapolated to estimate performance at maximum effort. Which one to use? See more information about Aerobic Fitness Testing.


Maximal Aerobic Tests

Continuous tests to exhaustion

Vo2max testingVO2max testing

Intermittent Tests (more about Testing Intermittent Sports)

Walking / Running Tests (more about walk and run tests)

Sport or Group Specific

New (unvalidated) Tests

  • Lucas 12 test, a modification of the original Cooper test to include running, rowing and cycling modes.

Submaximal Tests

Cycle Tests

Step Tests (see general Step Test procedures)


Non Exercise Aerobic Fitness Tests

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