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Anderson Cooper, Stephen Colbert Hold Tender Conversation on Overcoming Sadness, Loss on 2020 New Years Eve

By Ken Meyer


The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert and CNN’s Anderson Cooper had a touching heart-to-heart while they spoke of what people hopefully learned in 2020 about supporting each other and overcoming challenges.

Colbert joined Cooper and Andy Cohen on CNN’s New Year Eve show, and during their conversation, Cooper explained that even though he hosts the festivities every year, “I always hated New Years Eve.” He explained that its because the day reminds him of the sadness he felt as a boy when his father died shortly after New Years.

Cooper brought this up to Colbert to make the point that “a lot of people had a really tough year” in 2020, so he wanted to know “what do you say to people on the New Year on your own life?” Colbert answered by saying “you’re really not alone,” and that 2020 taught people “there is a need to collectively engage and take care with each other.”

“One thing Covid has taught us is we can’t get through crises alone, and that this latest crisis — this latest mountain we are all climbing — we have to do it together or else there is no way over the top,” he said. “We are never really alone…and hopefully that’s something we’ll take to the other side of this moment we are in right now.”

Colbert concluded by urging people to hold empathy for others and remember to “pay attention to the people who don’t have somebody else to care for them or be with them.” Cooper was emotional as he followed up by remarking that the lasting sadness of New Years Eve makes him think about everyone who lost loved ones in 2020.

I just think it is important on a night like this when people are celebrating for those of us who have experienced loss or those who are currently watching this with fear in their hearts or sadness in their hearts. I just think its always important to recognize them and to know that you are so right. They are not alone, and we are not alone in this. We have to be together.

Watch above, via CNN.

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