Clashes continue between Palestinians and occupation settlers, police

Israeli forces fire on Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem on May 14, 2021. There has been clashes between Jewish settlers and Palestinians who were trying to forcibly evict Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem [Eyad Tawil / Anadolu Agency]

Demonstrations and clashes continued in several cities in the occupied Palestinian territories for the fourth consecutive day, denouncing the occupation’s assault on Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem and other cities, and the continued bombing of the Gaza Strip.

The confrontations took place in Nazareth, Sakhnin, Al-Raynah, Shafa Amr, Al-Taybeh, Arara Al-Triangle, Tamra, Haifa, Al-Ba’ana, Deir Al-Assad, Kafr Qara, Qalansawa, Araba, Baqa Al-Gharbiyya. And the planet of Abu Al-Hajjah, Tuba Al-Zanjriya, Kafr Manda, Jadidat Al-Makr, Jaffa, Nazareth, Kafr Kanna, Sha`ab, Jaffa, and other cities.

In the city of Lod, armed clashes erupted between Palestinian citizens and settler gangs who roamed the streets of Arab neighborhoods America America America America America in attacking the Arab citizens and their trustees. And there were reports of gunfire and gunfire at the Great Mosque, while the worshipers were not visible inside.

The Israeli Defense Minister extended, used protests.

Settlers shot at homes in Lod, prompting residents to defend themselves and their children. This led to the outbreak of damaged bricks.

In Jaffa, settlers, under the protection of the Israeli police, shot at the Saksak Mosque while the worshipers were inside, a documented video clip taken by a citizen.

The Islamic Jihad Movement: The confrontations prove that Palestine is a unity that is not the same

Clashes also erupted in the village of Al-Jedidi, between the demonstrators and the Israeli police.

Sources assume that the house of the head of the council targeted the village.

And among the people of the people of the people in confrontations with settlers who tried to storm the village from the eastern neighborhood. Eyewitnesses said that an electrical pole was set on fire, which caused a power outage throughout the city.

In Shafa Amr, the Israeli police searched the homes of MP Zuhair Karkabi and Murad Haddad, a member of the political bureau for the National Democratic Assembly, and arrested them in connection with the demonstrations that took place in the city during the two days of the university.

I arrested a 10-year-old, 10-year-old, in the city of Haifa, and used the bombs with parachute for tears in order to go out on Allenby Street against the attacks and support of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

Local investigators stormed the Wadi al-Jamal neighborhood with cars and motorcycles, opened fire and shelled homes.

What is evidenced by the fire in the fire on the fire of an 18-year-old and wounded him while dispersing the demonstrators in Wadi Al-Nisnas, Jaffa Street and Abbas neighborhood, and violent clashes broke out all over the city.

In Haifa, a popular committee and a city were formed to defend the Palestinian neighborhoods at an airport, with successive attacks by settlers from the security services.

Hamas: “We urge to engage in confronting the enemy with the enemy.”

Near the village of Kafr Manda, a 23-year-old Bab was injured after being stabbed by settlers at Hemoville Junction. He was transferred before the rescue team to Poria Hospital for treatment.

In the city of Nazareth, the Israeli police raided a family’s home in Safra, and attacked a young man in his twenties before arresting him. Meanwhile, clashes erupted between the occupation police and demonstrators in the city center, amounting to the beliefs of the demonstrators.

Separate areas of Nahaf city witnessed power cuts due to the continuing demonstrations, and at a time the occupation forces gathered at the entrance to the city.

Clashes in Shfaram, Sakhnin, Al-Raynah, Ararat Al-Triangle, Al-Ba’ana, Deir Al-Assad, Kawkab Abu Al-Hija, Tuba Al-Zangariya, Kafr Manda, Tamra, Jaffa Al-Nazareth and Kafr Kanna. Among the demonstrators and the occupation police at the entrances to the towns.

And in Kafr Qara and Qalansawa, demonstrators set fire to a station belonging to the occupation police, and closed Street 65 in Kafr Qara, while a number of 20 youths increased.

During the 24 hours, the occupation police used to return to the Arab world for the protests that erupted in the country.

In a related context, yesterday, an Israeli court, four settlers suspected of participating in the killing of the martyr Musa Hassouna in the city of Lod on Monday.

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