FIFA 21: Major changes to Ultimate Team include fitness cards purge, co-op mode add & Division Rivals rethink

Fans of the game can rejoice after an annoying feature of the popular FUT game mode has been removed for good, with a big new feature added

Remember when you just wanted to get to that next game of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), but first you had to apply a squad fitness card to get your players to full stamina?

Well good news: fitness cards have been completely abolished from FIFA 21.

EA Sports has confirmed that after listening to community feedback, the consumable FUT items – along with training cards – will not exist in the new game.

Players will still lose fitness and stamina during the 90 minutes of a match but they will automatically be recharged to full for those statistic categories in time for their next match.

This means that gamers will no longer have to use coins to purchase fitness cards and then spend time applying them, meaning they can instead focus more time on playing the game or making meaningful team management decisions.

The removal of training cards means people cannot apply attribute boosters to certain players that made them almost unstoppable, like boosting any statistic category of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

It remains to be seen what EA Sports will use to replace the weight of these consumables in packs – and whether it will mean FIFA 21 gamers will receive more players.

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How will FIFA 21 Division Rivals be different?

Previously in Division Rivals, such as on FIFA 20, users would be expected to play more and more volume of matches in the mode to get higher rewards.

In FIFA 21, EA Sports has decided to cap the amount of matches that go towards rank in the mode at 40, meaning that any extra matches will only go towards accumulating skill points or FUT Champions points

This will allow more people the chance of getting high rewards within the Ultimate Team game mode.

Getting placed in a division initially has also been altered, with gamers now able to get their initial position within the division structure from solely playing squad battle matches – if they aren’t comfortable with jumping online straight away.

The old way of placement – through grading matches within the Division Rivals mode – will still apply if people wish to qualify this way.

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