Hamas: ‘We urge everyone to engage in open confrontation with the enemy’

The Islamic Resistance Movement, today, Friday, held the tent demonstrations that took place last night in the West Bank, joining the Gaza Strip and occupied Jerusalem.

In a statement by Anadolu Agency, Fawzi Barhoum’s spokesman praised the “heroic and courageous stances of the masses in the cities and villages of the West Bank and the occupied Palestinian interior.”

The Palestinian people: affirms the unity of Demir and the great cohesion among all our people throughout the country, rejecting the criminal Zionist policies of Gaza, Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

And he considered this a message that “the time for the Zionist domination of Jerusalem, Gaza, and anywhere in Palestine is gone.”

Especially in the face of a confrontation with the Zionist enemy in particular, in the case of Hamas in the case of Hamas in particular.

“We are betting on our people in the West Bank.”

Last night, spontaneous popular protests erupted in several cities in the West Bank in solidarity with Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Gaza Strip, which has been under intense Israeli bombardment since last Monday.

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