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He did not control himself despite his wife’s advice … Biden bids farewell to his state in tears and leads a memorial service for 400,000 Americans who died in Corona.

US President-elect Joe Biden led, Tuesday, January 19, 2021 – the eve of his inauguration as President of the United States – a memorial service for 400,000 Americans who died from infection with the Coronavirus during the 11 months since the virus caused the first death in the country, after he delivered an influential speech from His term before moving to Washington.

Biden leads a memorial service for the dead Corona
The eulogy came at sunset, hours before President Donald Trump was due to leave the White House for the last time and hand over a country hit by the biggest public health crisis in centuries, economic devastation and violent political turmoil.

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris led the ceremony from the Lincoln Memorial and marked the federal government’s first official indication of the heavy loss of life from the pandemic.

US President-elect Biden said at the start of the ceremony: “Sometimes it is difficult to remember, but this is how we heal. It is important to do it as a nation.” During his speech, 400 light bulbs were lit on either side of the reflective pool below the monument in honor of the spirits. Which was lost and followed by the song “Hallelujah” by the gospel singer Yolanda Adams, then standing for a moment of silence in mourning for the victims.

His deputy, Harris, said: “Although we may separate physically, we the American people are united in spirit.”

This comes at a time when Corona cases in the United States have exceeded 24 million confirmed cases and 400,000 deaths since the first confirmed death from the virus was recorded in February 2020, according to a Reuters count.

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A touching speech to Biden
While bidding farewell to his state of Delaware, in preparation for his move to Washington, DC, US President-elect Joe Biden could not hold back his tears as he delivered a speech in which he sent a message of thanks before moving from the state in which he lived to Washington, in preparation for the assumption of power in the capital.

In his speech in which the American president appeared affected, he said addressing the American people: “I am proud to be your president.” Biden also indicated that his wife asked him not to be emotional in his speech, but he could not control the tears that overcame him during the speech.

Biden inauguration
Joe Biden is preparing to take power in a very tense atmosphere and in front of a great security warning. The Acting US Defense Secretary Christopher Miller confirmed, Monday, January 18, that the FBI is helping the US military conduct an audit of more than 25,000 National Guard soldiers. They are being deployed to help protect the U.S. Capitol during the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, due to security concerns.

After the attack carried out by supporters of President Donald Trump on the Congress building on the sixth of January, which killed five people and forced members of Congress to go into hiding, the US government imposed unprecedented security measures around the Capitol building, including the erection of impenetrable walls equipped with barbed wire. And a large security area is not allowed to the public to enter.

Miller said in a statement that auditing “is a natural matter for military support participating in major security events … and while we do not have intelligence information indicating an internal threat, we will spare no effort in securing the capital.”

The Washington Post reported on Monday that the FBI had warned in a law enforcement intelligence report that right-wing extremists had considered pretending to be members of the National Guard in Washington.

The newspaper also added that the report did not mention any specific plots to attack the facts of the inauguration.

The US government has banned entry to major public parks a few days ago, including the National Shopping Center in Washington, and closed bridges across the Potomac River between Virginia and the District of Columbia. More than a dozen underground stations were closed until the inauguration day, Wednesday.

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